Birthday Boy

I can hardly believe it, but my little boy is a year old. Where that year has gone, I couldn’t tell you, it’s gone by in a blur.

Being the important little man he is, he had two parties of course. One on his actual Birthday for close family, the next a couple of days later with his friends and various ‘uncles and aunties’ (i.e. our friends). Two huge birthday cakes, hundreds of tiny sausage rolls and a lot of balloons later, and he’s now motoring his way towards Two.

Motoring isn’t a bad word to use actually, because he’s suddenly become very mobile. He has no problems standing with no support for as long as he wants, and can walk unaided for the length of a room. If he’s holding someone’s hand he can almost run!

In no time at all he’s changed from a baby into a little boy. It’s crazy to think that this time next year he’ll be running around, talking, saying ‘no’ in all likelihood, and have very vocal opinions. Hopefully this next year will bring more sleep with it than the last one anyway :).

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