Busy Times (And The Not-So-Busy Times)

There are so many things happening and things I have to remember lately that it’s beginning to make my head spin. Fortunately I’m trying to stay true to my resolution of making myself that little more organised this year, currently with the help of Google Calendar. It’s nothing outlandish or bleeding-edge as I’d normally go for, but I think something simple is just what I need. I’m terrible for procrastinating, and gadgets and gizmos would mean I’d never actually use the thing, I’d just end up faffing about with it.

This month has been fairly exciting in terms of our own club, as it’s been the first time we’ve actually put a formal bid in for a unit which would become our full-time Dojang. It’s a small industrial unit nearby, but perfectly sized and ample for what we’d need to get going with. It’s just a case of playing the waiting game now and seeing what happens.

Once February comes we have some of the senior members of the EMTF (and some of their students by the sounds of things) coming down to give a weekend of seminars and teaching. This is their first visit to see us since becoming a member of the federation, so we want to put on a really good show and make sure they’re taken care of as much as is possible. Roll forward to March now and somehow it’s time for another grading! I’m sure I can still feel the last one in my bones. It’ll be a big step for me, should I pass, as the red belt I’d receive is the last one I’d be given before becoming a Dan grade. That’s an ominous thought.

With the serious business of the grading out of the way April presents us with the Seni show, which I’m really looking forward to again. I have no doubt that I’ll spend way too much on things I don’t really need, but just being there is infectious. It was beginning to look like May might be the first month without something going on in it, but that’s been seen to now with the invitation we’ve had to compete at the European championships in Poland. The Polish take their TSD seriously and by all accounts are very good at it too, so what happens to us will be an education no matter what it is. Still, a long weekend away with some seriously talented martial artists who know how to enjoy a drink or two should be excellent, and just before my birthday too.

There’s other stuff carrying on into the year, but I’m going to call it quits there, this post would get even more boring than it is already (seriously!).

Moving on to the not-so-busy times mentioned in the post title, I thought I’d record my non-training activity for posterity. At the moment there’s mostly two things occupying those quiet times indoors, waiting for the Spring to come.

Firstly games. As anyone who knows me knows, I likes me some games. I’ve been quite addicted to Call Of Duty 4, the multiplayer in particular. Not since Counter-Strike circa version 1.5 have I played a ‘realistic’ shooter for so long. The mix of action, tactics and the brilliant use of unlockables and challenges introduced to the online mix is a breath of fresh air, and guaranteed “one more go” fodder. I still enjoy Skate too, although I’m terrible at spotting lines and working them. On the Wii I’ve been lapping up every second of Super Mario Galaxy, and enjoying reliving the good ol’ Track & Field type competition which seems to come around every generation. Button mashing sports games will have to go some way to top International Track & Field for the original PlayStation, but Mario & Sonic at The Olympic Games gives a decent account of itself.

I also picked up a book I bought for myself while I was out Christmas shopping a couple of months ago. I’d read about Hyperion before, but never thought any more if it until I saw the unusual cover at a stall in a shopping village. I’m so glad I took a chance on it, so far it’s been utterly captivating and the first book I’ve read in a long time which I found almost impossible to put down. I guess you’d call it Sci-Fi, in fact it obviously is, but it’s done very well and creates a very easily imagined universe. This one may even make it past the pile of half-finished books on my shelf.

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