Borrowed Time

Today is an unusual day, it’s that one day we get every four years, Leap Day. It’s not often I’ll get a chance to post on February 29th so I think I ought to, just for the archives. We only get the day because of some maths nonsense which means a year is actually 365.25 days long, and rather than trying to fit an extra hour in here or there this makes much more sense. I think I remember reading somewhere the years are getting longer by a second or so each year – I know, I’m so interesting ;). I bet there more than a few commitment-phobic men in hiding today, hoping their other halves aren’t going to try to make the most of the day when women are traditionally allowed to propose to men.

I was reminded today that I only have four weeks left in my job, which is a frighteningly short length of time. Once that’s up, one of two things will be happening around here in the land of blog; 1) Less frequent posting, and then in the evenings. I can’t see me landing on my feet two jobs in a row when it comes to un-moderated internet access (or being sysadmin at the very least), or 2) an abundance of posts when I have nothing better to do with my days. I’m sure something will happen, in fact I know it will because I have to make it happen, but it’s scary all the same.

Training’s pretty much on the go at the moment, I’ve a grading in 9 days time which could see the last of my green belt wearing days, and see me pretty much officially being a Senior at the club. It doesn’t feel like 10 minutes ago I was just starting, I remember my first classes vividly. It’s something I’m going to take very seriously while I have the chance though, I could be helping to teach and will be representing the club, something I intend to do well. I’m looking forward to the grading, I’m keen to see what happens and how well I perform. Despite being ill far more than I’d like, I’ve worked very hard on correcting a lot of my more obvious faults, albeit silently. They’re not all gone – I’m no miracle worker – but I’m happier about some things. Next week I’m going to start road running with my fellow runners, I don’t think it’ll be long before I’m watching their heels from the comfort of a pavement, my lungs in a neat pile in front of me, but I’m relishing the challenge.

The weekend starts here, and I’m determined to finish my damn book before Monday. For now, here’s comedy gold. Take heed Father Dougal’s warnings, the beast is at large….

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