Magic People, Voodoo People

Those are the lyrics just before the amazing Pendulum remix of Voodoo People kicks off into my favourite bit of the song, the bit that’s guaranteed to get me dancing like an idiot if I’m out, or fire me up for training (which is what it’ll be doing tonight). I’ve been knackered all week, but feel a bit more energetic today for some reason, so I’m looking forward to going along and getting thoroughly worn-out :). Tomorrow morning I’m going for a swim too, it should help ease my back up a bit and also help me burn off a few more Calories, something I’m especially keen on right now.

Having not checked my weight for a couple of weeks now – I have no idea why, it just didn’t occur to me – I finally jumped back on the scales this morning fearing the worst. Imagine my pleasant surprise when not only had I not put on a little (the Seni weekend saw some huge breakfasts!) but had in fact lost another 6lbs! I’m so close to a major milestone in my campaign to get skinny (well, skinnier), once I hit it there’ll be no stopping me. It’s been a long old race, but I can see the finish line now ;). I have a deadline in mind, let’s just see if I can come first.

It’s my birthday this month, which has really snuck up on me. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest I’m happy to say, I feel no different than I did a year or two again. In fact quite the opposite, I feel better than I did back then. It’ll be June and good summer times before I know it now! I think it’s going to be a barbecue this weekend if the rain holds off long enough, which it doesn’t look like is going to be the case is the forecast is to be believed. I love barbecues, but when it’s raining I’d much rather be tucked away somewhere warm and dry enjoying a meal, like a good Chinese or a Thai meal or something. Mmmm I think one of those will have to be had soon now that I think about it.

So yeah – stronger, thinner, feeling good and it’s only going to get better. And I’ll even try to update this more often too!

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  1. So you need to tell me if I should not send you things for your birthday that might add poundage to the buttage. I’m sure I can find a willing husband or kid to eat that stuff. It’s up to you so let me know.

  2. Avitable says:

    I’m over from Black Belt Mama’s. Happy birthday!

  3. Ikigai108 says:

    Happy birthday dude!

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