We Apologise For The Loss Of Transmission

Ahem, oops. I seem to have left this dormant for a good while. I’ve got a really good reason though, you see there was this bigger boy and he…. ahhh who am I kidding, I’ve just been rubbish! After having a bit of a traffic spike though after a plug, I thought I owed it to the world (or both of my readers at least!) to start updating again. So, what’s been happening this past month?

I fought at the first tournament of the year a few weeks ago. It was a hard, hot day, but one which I’m pleased to say I walked away from with two trophies, a 2nd place in the Mens Heavyweight Point Stop and 3rd in the Mens Heavyweight Continuous. I took the soundest beating of my life in the continuous, with enough kicks to the head to leave me simple, but it was great fun and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

The competition team feat. yours truly

My new job is going well, but this past month has really pushed me. Basically everything that could have had a snag or problem, had one. I’ve muddled through though, and am much more confident heading into the new month when it all happens again. I finally feel like I actually work there now though, instead of being some kind of visitor or interloper. It’s taken its toll on my brain and sleep, and I’m looking forward to settling in properly.

I suppose the other big news was that of my birthday. Yes, on the 27th I hit the ripe old age of 31 1F. Yes, I’ve decided to start expressing my age in hexadecimal instead of decimal, that way, I’m still in my teens. It was an odd birthday in many ways, but a good one at the same time. I got some wonderful presents, some of which I know I’ll treasure for a very long time indeed. I remember being quite scared of hitting 30, but once you’re there it’s actually quite comfortable. I don’t have to worry again until 35 now, when I’m closer to being f.. f… no, I can’t say it. On the weekend before the big day we hosted the annual Eurovision party and sweepstake, which is really just an excuse to get everyone together and get a little ‘merry’, and on the Monday evening we all got together again for a bite to eat and to go to the cinema (for the first time in ages). I’m a massive Indiana Jones fan, right back from being a nipper, and I was keen to see what they’d done to the series with this new film, but I was really pleased with it. It was proper, over-the-top adventure nonsense and I loved it.

It’s time to crack on with things now. I’m running a half-marathon in October and really need to get my backside in gear with training for it, and with that in mind I’m heading to the gym with my training and running friends tonight to put in some miles and sweat. One of my presents was a completely-unexpected ipod touch, so that can come with me so I can’t hear myself gasping for air. The question is, what do I put on my playlist for it? Suggestions welcome!

update: I noticed today that Mozilla is attempting to set a new world record for the most downloads in a day when their Firefox 3 browser is officially released in June (the beta version is available to try now if you’re keen). I’ve used Firefox for a long time now, back from the Firebird and Phoenix days, so I’m keen to support it. Plus the firefox is actually another name for my al-time favourite animal, the Red Panda. Make it happen, and have a much nicer time browsing the web than with Internet Explorer ;).

Download Day

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  1. I seriously need at attend one of your parties. I need a lesson in throwing a good one I think.

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