Getting Rid Of Rubbish

I think that pretty much sums up 2009 for me so far, being rid of everything that’s no good for me. The Christmas break took its toll on my body, or perhaps more accurately the impossible amounts of food and booze I rammed down my face did. I’m pretty sure it’s a bad sign when you decide to take a day off the beer because you realise just another couple each day is topping you back up to where you were the night before. It’s only once a year though, and for the most part it was a brilliant break.

After an abortive attempt at going back to training on Sunday (I twisted my ankle within five minutes of starting and had to sit the rest out), last night went a lot better. I realise just how badly my fitness had suffered and how much holiday weight I’m carrying. Like the rest of the population though I’m being good in the New Year and eating properly, and so far it’s doing the trick – and I already feel a hundred times better. No Christmas cold this time either, for the first time in ages. I’m nearly back into a normal sleep pattern too now, Monday morning was no fun I can tell you!

Tonight is the first Games Rot of the new year (for the uninitiated, Games Rot is when my friends and I get together sans females and play some video games) which I’m looking forward to. I guess my endless talking about the 360 has rubbed off, people are starting to buy them. One of my fellow rotters bought one, my brother got one for Christmas, and the third side of the rot triangle is due to within the next few days. I’m not surprised though, it’s a great machine, and with the price of Blu-Ray players dropping so much there’s no longer the argument that a PS3 is a sound investment, as you can buy a 360 *and* a BR player for the same price as a PS3 – and as far as I’m concerned the catalogue of games and integrated online services for the 360 make it no competition.

I’ve been doing a bit of technical stuff too, and until I can afford to replace my crippled computer I’m pleased to keep my hand in and doing stuff. The other day I was able to use an old wireless access point I had to help a friend get his console online. After a lot of frustration, a firmware update and some perseverence I got it working as a wireless bridge – result!

So that’s me for 2009 so far. The decorations are down, the hotel for Seni is booked, and my mass is reducing.

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  1. Lou says:

    I thought Seni 09 wasn’t going ahead? That’s what I read on a forum anyway.

  2. adam says:

    Nope, 2nd and 3rd of May

    Should be a great one by the looks of it :)

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