Post-Weekend Update

I’m sure some of you came here maybe even wanting to know how the weekend and the competition went. Well sit back and I’ll enlighten you.

On Friday during kickboxing I remember complaining that I couldn’t catch my breath properly, and during the light rolling we did on Saturday I was hurting a lot and sweating like nothing else. Over the course of Saturday I got worse and worse until the evening, where I was practically unable to get off the sofa. Every joint and muscle in my body was aching, I was running hot and cold sweats and coughing; not a very well bunny. When the alarm went off at 5:30 the next morning it was obvious that there was no way I was going to even manage the 400 miles on the road that day, let alone fight.

I spent Sunday extremely fed-up, aching and feeling like crap in bed/on the sofa, as I did all of yesterday. It meant I missed dog agility again, and missed meeting up with the guys who competed and seeing how they did, as I missed BJJ as well. Today I feel a bit better, well, enough to be back at work at least (is that really a good thing though?), but I’m still gutted that I didn’t get my first taste of competition. I was so up for it, and have spent the last few weeks really trying to build the beginnings of my game. Not to mention the fact that I’d already paid for my entry…

So there’s really nothing more to say than that; I got ill, I missed everything.


(Normal service will be resumed next time, less of the self-pitying boo-hoo nonsense 😉 )

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