Seasonal Shenanigans

My cold has decided to compound itself by developing into a sinus infection now, which is really nice.  That combined with my incessant coughing and sneezing means that I haven’t trained since Sunday now, and even that was a light session. It’s starting to get me down when I think about it too much, my fitness is going to be absolutely shocking by the time I get back to BJJ and TSD properly. Still, I know I’ll get back there, it’ll just take more hard work again.

This weekend it’s the annual CAMRA Falmouth Beer Festival, so with a bit of luck, a group of us are going to head down and sample some ales and ciders again. I’ve not been to one for ages now, and I’m really looking forward to it. The atmosphere is hard to top, it’s full of local people sharing a beer, chatting and laughing. Considering the amount of alcohol consumed over the two days it’s amazing that there’s never any trouble or aggression, but I suppose that’s due more to the people attending (i.e. not chavvy alcopop drinking idiots) than anything else.

Christmas is drawing ever-closer now and so far it’s pretty much passed me by. Usually I’m overly excited as soon as I start to see mince pies and that sort of thing on the shelves in shops, but I’ve been so busy with one thing or another I’ve not really taken it in. I’m glad I think, it’ll be great when December hits and my trip to Cologne, I’m positive I’ll be my usual festive self by then. I loves me some Christmas after all! I probably ought t start thinking about what I’m going to get for people. I like to try to be good at presents, there’s nothing as nice as a gift from someone that shows they really gave it some thought.

I’m really, really looking forward to next week now, although it’s going to be knackering. I’m off to Plymouth with the TSD guys for the Halloween rock night on Friday, and it’s always a good night there. I don’t have to drive this time which is particularly nice, I can’t remember the last time I had a drink there. I never really drink at a rock night because I spend so much time throwing myself about on the dancefloor, and any time I have gotten merry I just end up sweating it all out (attractive!). When I get back in the small hours of Saturday morning I’ll grab a few hours sleep before dog agility and hopefully some gentle BJJ (making positions, no rolling), then we’re off to the Halloween party in the evening. I’ve been commissioned (well, asked nicely) to do a pumpkin carving for the night, and I’ve not even thought about it yet, let alone bought one to carve. I really enjoyed doing the Lost Boys and Frankenstein’s monster ones last year, I think it might have to be movie themed again this year. Costume crafting this evening, fun times :).

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