Et Cetera

I just got back from Paintball for AJ’s birthday, which was a really good laugh. I’m feeling utterly shattered now though. However, I’ve got to pick myself up and wake myself up over the next couple of hours to go training 😐

My Linux install is still going strong, I haven’t found anything that’s totally stumped me yet, and it’s looking great (being the big aesthetics fan I am ;)). I’ll get around to trying some more stuff with it this week, but so far it’s been good. I even got UT2004 installed, updated and running without too much hassle.

All in all last week was a good one, it started badly, but quickly got really good. I went to bed extremely happy on Friday night. Should someone I know read this, I’m gutted for you to have got ill and missed your grading. I know you though, and I know you’ll bounce back better and stronger, and really show them how it’s done.

Spring’s well and truly here now, thank god! Long may things continue to go well!

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