What a Feeb

I’m off ill today, after having come home ill from work yesterday. I’m not sure what’s up, but I feel utterly drained. I’ll pop along to the doc’s soon, see if they can figure out what’s up. This is the first time I’ve missed training for as long as I can remember, and it’s really frustating.
I kept myself busy this afternoon playing about with the Ubuntu install. I’ve got automatix on there now, which is like the Synaptic Package Manager, but it contains more of the sort of software that you wouldn’t expect to find built in. Things like DVD rippers, torrent clients – that sort of thing. It’s really handy and is now a permanent resident.

I then went through my old PC games, and found Neverwinter Nights, and rather spiffingly found that there’s a native linux client! I set it up, updated and then ran it and to my grateful amazement, it worked perfectly first time. No sound issues, not graphics problems, it just works. And faster than it did in windows for that matter!

More of my continuing adventures in non-MS land soon. Hopefully feeling a lot brighter too!

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