The Beast of Easter is slain..

..and I have feasted upon its mighty chocolate shell. I’m feeling pretty crap for it too! Ate and drank way too much over the last few days, but on the plus side I’ve managed to get a bit of sun on my skin and to take my first dip in the sea for the year. By Jiminy it was cold!

This coming Saturday sees a double celebration. Firstly during the day I have my 6th Gup grading. It’s pretty tense stuff, and I’m really feeling the nerves already. It’s the last lesson before it all happens tonight, I need to make sure everything I need to know is already in my brain and fixed there. It should all go well though, I’ve worked hard and paid attention, so I see Saturday as a reward and a chance to show what I know. Later that evening, it’s my friend’s 30th birthday party at the Old Ale House. That should be a great laugh, and now the first of us has hit 30, it won’t be long until the rest of us follow suit.

There’s nothing to really report on the Linux front – my install is still up and running and working perfectly, I’ve had no problems to speak of and I do everything I need to without hassle. I can see it being a permanent fixture on all future machines.

I now have a new mini-obsession to research furiously (me???). Bikes! I went out on a hire bike for a few miles on the weekend and realised how much I still really enjoy it, so I’m definitely going to be investing before too long. I went along to my local place this lunchtime, and had a chat with the people in there. It seems it’s going to be a Hybrid/Road bike for me, which suits me just fine. Now I just have to agonise over which one I want, and what I’m going to want to do to it. I’ve had a look at some Kona, Marin and Trek bikes, and will have a chance to try some out at the weekend with any luck. I’m getting quite excited now 🙂

Quite a big update that was, I wasn’t expecting to write that much to be honest. Oh yeah, the new Type O Negative album is awesome!

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  1. Lou says:

    Ahhh you know my feelings on hybrid bikes. Neither one thing or the other and tend not to perform very well off road. 🙁 GO for a shiny shiny road bike and concentrate on that rather than trying to combine the 2.

    Just the opinion of a bike nerd 😀

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