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Just a quick catch-up, I realised I hadn’t posted in here for a little while. Where to begin though? I’m very much enjoying my new green belt, although it still looks odd in the mirror wall at Truro’s sessions! It’s starting to dawn on me now though, that each and every grading and the lessons in between are going to require more work, more patience and more learning on my part. I’m looking forward to it all so much though, and it’s great to be doing a form other than Pyung Ahn Cho Dan in the lessons :D. Tonight’s the start of the Falmouth classes which I’ll attend while they get numbers up, and with the possibility of popping along to see the local TKD club and training with them on Wednesday, it could well mean 4 days training in a row – gotta love it!

Last week saw the release of version 7.04 (feisty fawn) of Ubuntu (my linux distro of choice), and I decided to upgrade from my current version of 6.10 (edgy eft). I’m not normally an early adopter of upgrades and major patches – they seem to break more things than they fix – but I had a few little niggles with edgy which I wanted to see if they’d sorted for feisty. The upgrade servers were rammed and so after a day of trying that method, I instead went for a torrent of the alternate install CD which does the same job (and only took an hour to download!). Everything went very smoothly until the the first reboot, where my X session would start and I was left with the command line. Thankfully the error log pointed me in the right direction, and changing the xorg.conf file to use the generic Ati driver rather than the custom fglrx one I had installed fixed it. Most importantly the upgrade didn’t break my wifi card, which was my main concern! So now everything’s back to normal, working fine, and looking good.

On the CD player, I’ve been alternating between the symphonic metal stylings of After Forever, but mostly the rather excellent Swedish industrial metallers Deathstars. I really didn’t think I’d like them, but I love every track on both albums – it’s been a while since I could say that about any band.

And finally, my latest review for ntsc-uk is up. Click here to read about the rather lovely Kororinpa for Wii.

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