*ahem* Hi there, how have you been?

I guess I owe the┬áminuscule┬ápercentage of the world who actually read these posts an explanation. After all, it’s not often someone abandons their blog for the best part of a year without warning.

The truth is I have no idea why I stopped posting. I had a lot going on in my life at the time (more on that later), work got really busy and posting from there got more difficult… I dunno, I just got in a rut I guess. But as part of the new year, and trying to get all my sh*t in order, I’m going to start updating this more. After all, I pay for the hosting, why not use it?

So, bringing you all up-to-date then, where to start? I suppose the best place would be with the single biggest thing to happen in my life to date, and that’s the arrival of my first child, my son. Wow, it still feels weird to write and see that. RAR (as he will be known on here) is now 15 weeks old, and is completely amazing. The 15 weeks he’s been with us have been the fastest, slowest, most testing, most rewarding ever.

I had no idea what being a dad would be like, how I’d handle having a small life, completely dependent on me. I was most worried about having someone that I had no way to communicate with. All of that quickly evaporates though, along with all those worries about dirty nappies, sleepless nights, being covered in baby puke every waking hour – none of it is as bad as you think (with the exception of the sleep deprivation maybe, that’s pretty difficult to get used to). I look forward to each little milestone now like those other annoying new parents. I should hate myself for it, but I don’t, it’s awesome!

I dare say I’ll be talking about him more as the posts go on, so I’ll try to catch up with some of the other stuff I do as well. Training is non-existent at the moment, it’s just too difficult to organise along with work and having the little man, there’s very little time that’s my own any more, and while he’s anything but a nightmare baby, he’s still a lot to deal with. I want to be able to commit to regular training – even if it’s just one night a week at first – rather than doing a day here and there.

On the subject of training, I took and passed (barely) my 2nd Dan grading in the summer just gone. It was absolutely horrible, and very satisfying at the same time. I never really thought far enough ahead when I first started out in TSD to wonder what it would be like to get this far, but I’m very pleased and very proud.

Yes, I’m still a board and video game geek, some things will never change. I’ve obviously not even had time to take a game out of its box lately, but before the craziness started I was enjoying The Castles of Burgundy, Stone Age and Last Will on the tabletop, and more recently have been playing Fifa 13 (still…), NFS: Most Wanted, Dishonored and Hitman: Absolution on the big screen.

That’s it for now, I don’t want to bore anyone who might stumble here, but more to come soon, including my renewed passion for Programming, my return to Linux, and trying not to be quite so overweight any more.

(it all sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?)



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