On Killing Potatoes (And Learning Korean)

Am I the only one who feels an odd little pang of guilt if they take a potato out of bag and it’s just started to shoot? It’s like it’s still alive and trying to grow legs to escape from its ultimate destination of microwave Gehenna.

That’s what occurred to me as I took one out for my lunch today anyway as I broke the teeny shoots off. Some people say you shouldn’t eat them if they’ve started to shoot, to those people I say – Nahhh, sod it, it’s a potato! I’ve become a bit of a ‘Fifteen minute microwave chef extraordinaire’ at work lately, today’s creation was a sweetcorn stuffed jacket potato with piri piri chicken. Better than a pot noodle, and proof positive that it’s possible to eat something nice and filling at work.

I took a step forward in my vague semblance of a quest to learn more Korean today, in as much as I’ve pretty much taught myself the entire ‘alphabet’ during the day. Yeah, it surprised me too. I’ve had a look at Hangul before and hadn’t quite managed to grasp it, at least not in the way I wanted to, but today brought fresh perseverance and thanks to an awesome site (and a shove in the right direction from someone who knows all about learning the language), I’ve managed to do exactly that. It’s given me a bit of a spur to carry on on my own and learn the harder parts, like grammar and honourifics/levels.

My gym induction was good and largely painless last night (lateral raises aside), it’s such a nice little place they’ve made out of what was once my form room when I was at school there. And dirt cheap too! With it being directly next door to where we train on a Friday and Wednesday evening, those of us who have membership there can just nip in afterwards of beforehand and give it a bit of a blast.

The house was valued today too, at around the price we were expecting. Depending on what other interest there is in the property we’re looking at, we could be on the way to a nice new home in no time.


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  1. Amanda says:

    화이팅! on learning Korean!

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