Them’s The Breaks

Well, my finger is definitely broken. After being badgered into going into Minor Injuries last night with my kinda gross-looking purple sausage finger, I went back this morning on the advice of the nurse I saw for an X-ray. I got down nice and early but it still took about an hour and a half before I was able to see the pictures and see what I’d done.

If you look at your finger, look at the last bone where your fingernail is. Right where your fingernail starts, that’s where I broke the bone underneath. The top-down X-ray shows it straight with a faint line where the crack is, but the side-on one is different. You can see the last bone looks quite wrong, instead of it following a smooth curve like the rest of the bones, it sort of bends up part-way along. It got snapped backwards clean in two. Apparently the bleeding from inside the bone is why it looks like a massive, swollen black chipolata.

It’s unlikely it’ll need anything doing to it, they’re happy that it’s naturally reset in a good enough position and that I didn’t break the joint, and therefore not needing pinning. I’m going to the fracture clinic on Friday to have a final say on what I need to do. For the time being it’s just a case of wearing my splints, resting it and taking lots of paracaetamol and ibuprofen for the pain and swelling.

It sounds daft, moaning about the last bone in my little finger, after all it’s not exactly vital or used much, but it’s incredibly inconvenient. I can’t write properly because I can’t rest my hand on that finger any more. I can’t type properly as my last two fingers are tied together in a splint. I can’t put my phone or wallet in my right pockets as putting my hand in is agony. I’ve been told absolutely no contact sports, and this is my biggest problem. No sparring, no kickboxing, no squad training, no BJJ. It leaves me with, wiiiith……. well, forms practise I suppose. I really hope the fracture clinic tell me it’s not going to take long. There’s only so long I can not train properly and put up with this ‘flipper’ on my hand before I go mad.

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