Oh You’ve Got Green Eyes, Oh You’ve Got Blue Eyes

It’s amazing how many searches have come to this site since I wrote about breaking my finger. It seems I’m not the only one out there with digit damage wondering how long it’ll be out of action for. I’ve not been to BJJ for two weeks now, and I’m really missing it. I’ve still been training at TSD, but only with non-contact stuff. We did some chokes and escapes last night and even just trying to do a decent lapel grap was agony. It’s definitely getting there, it’s just very annoying that it’s stopping me from training how I’d like to. I’ve ditched the splint for today to see how I go; so far, so good.

I’m sat here now with an absolutely horrible cold. It’s been kind of lingering in the background for a few days, but I woke up this morning and felt like death warmed up. All I wanted to do was grab a hot drink, crash on the sofa with a duvet and work my way through the Star Wars films while napping and recuperating. Unfortunately I’ve put a load of new processes in place in the payroll system at work and this is the first week of testing them, so me not being here was never an option. Despite paracetamol and ibuprofen it still feels like my brain is trying to bash its way out through my skull, and I can’t wait until it’s time to go home.

I finally fixed my car over the weekend too, which is a massive relief. I remember telling people back in summer that it felt almost like my clutch was slipping and I was hardly getting any power uphill, and it’s been doing that ever since. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. I went through everything I could think of; checked plugs, HT leads, air filter, ditributor cap, rotor arm – but everything seemed to be fine. I had some oil blowback under the air filter which worried me (uh-oh, head gasket??) but no water or milkiness in the oil. I just couldn’t figure it out and was going to resort to taking it to the garage to pay an arm and a leg just to investigate it, but on a whim I picked up some new oil in Tesco of all places (yeah, I know, me in Tesco??). I topped up my oil with the new stuff and gave it an hour or two, and voila, working car! The old stuff must’ve been just about gone (it’s really hard to tell on my dip stick, which isn’t very helpful), but since changing it it’s been like a new car. I’m so pleased, and at the same time really embarrassed that I didn’t check before spending thirty quid on a new set of leads which I haven’t even got on the car.

The post title? No reason other than I was listening to New Order – Temptation on the way in today and it’s stuck. Whack it up on Youtube and enjoy yourself.

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