Steam Summer Sale Experiment

Right, I’ve preached evangelical for a while now on here and other places about how much cheaper games on the PC are, and how much I’ve been looking forward to the Steam Summer Sale. With the sale starting tomorrow (at the time of writing) I’ve decided to conduct a kind of experiment. Given that I’ve got £60 in my Steam Wallet, which would get me a couple of games on a console (three at a push), I want to see just what I can get for my money.


Stuff I bought in the Steam Summer Sale 2014!

GameSale priceOriginal priceDiscountNotes
Gunpoint£1.50£6.0075%Strictly speaking this was the day before the sale, but too good a deal to ignore.
Don't Starve£2.74£10.9675%
Pixel Piracy£5.49£10.9950%
Papers Please£2.09£6.9970%
Unepic£1.74£6.9975%Didn't know much about this before, it's great!
Battleblock Theater£2.74£10.9975%
Tomb Raider£3.74£14.9975%Already have this on 360, but is so good I'll want to re-play it.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut£3.24£12.9975%
Rogue Legacy£2.74£10.9975%
Dirt 3£3.74£14.9975%Already had once, but really miss playing it.
Kentucky Route Zero£9.49£18.9950%
Kerbal Space Program£11.99£19.9940%This is my big gamble, I have no idea if I'll like this as much as most seem to.
Goat Simulator£4.19£6.9940%It's like Tony Hawks Pro Skater. With goats. Awesome.
Transistor£11.25£14.9925%This was the one I really, really wanted.
Broken Age£6.45£18.9966%Tim Schafer's first game since Grim Fandango!

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