Steam Summer Sale 2014 – The Aftermath

As I write, the summer sale is over. Well, it’s actually still going on for a few hours, but it’s the encore day now which is just a second chance to buy stuff you missed out on the first time around. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to buy anything else now (…) so here’s my roundup.

Did I impulse buy? Yes.

Did I buy stuff I wasn’t looking for? Yes

Did I go over-budget? Yes

All the things I thought I wouldn’t do, I did, but I don’t regret it one bit because it was great fun, and I have a whole heap of games to play over the coming months. Here’s the final tally:

Stuff I bought in the Steam Summer Sale 2014!

GameSale priceOriginal priceDiscountNotes
Gunpoint£1.50£6.0075%Strictly speaking this was the day before the sale, but too good a deal to ignore.
Don't Starve£2.74£10.9675%
Pixel Piracy£5.49£10.9950%
Papers Please£2.09£6.9970%
Unepic£1.74£6.9975%Didn't know much about this before, it's great!
Battleblock Theater£2.74£10.9975%
Tomb Raider£3.74£14.9975%Already have this on 360, but is so good I'll want to re-play it.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut£3.24£12.9975%
Rogue Legacy£2.74£10.9975%
Dirt 3£3.74£14.9975%Already had once, but really miss playing it.
Kentucky Route Zero£9.49£18.9950%
Kerbal Space Program£11.99£19.9940%This is my big gamble, I have no idea if I'll like this as much as most seem to.
Goat Simulator£4.19£6.9940%It's like Tony Hawks Pro Skater. With goats. Awesome.
Transistor£11.25£14.9925%This was the one I really, really wanted.
Broken Age£6.45£18.9966%Tim Schafer's first game since Grim Fandango!

I’ve split the table in two; the top half is what I bought with the credit I was given by my friends for my birthday, and the bottom half is what I bought with my own cash. Well, actually it’s a combination of my own money and the credit I got for selling the trading cards given away during the sale.

As the sale progressed there was a set of cards given out for buying things, voting, crafting badges and things. Some people went crazy collecting them to try and craft some ultra-rare item to sell, but I mostly just sold mine. That’s right, I got money (about four or five quid) for selling imaginary cards I got for free. Good times!

Of the games I’ve bought, the one I’m most addicted to so far is Rogue Legacy, which is an awesome old-school platformer combined with a procedurally generated castle to explore, and a real one-more-go hook of spending the money you collect in-game to improve your charcters to get further in the castle, to get more money to… you get the idea.

I’m absolutely over the moon to have gotten Transistor, Kentucky Route Zero and Broken Age, because I really, really wanted those ones. Everything will get played though.

TL;DR – I got 18 games for the price of two or three ‘next-gen’ console games, and only spent about £25 of my own money. Result!

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